RUTX50 wan and mobile failover - connection down mobile

Hello, i have a problem with a RUTX50 and i need help you please.

I have 2 interfaces configured, wan and mobile. I have configured the wan with metric 1 and the mobile with metric 2 in failover mode. I have always been able to ping both interfaces but today I only ping the main one (wan). I have accessed the status of the mobile connection and it is online.

Can you help me with this issue?

Thanks for your help.

Could you clarify if you are not able to ping the public IP address of the mobile interface?
If that is the case, I will ask you to open the CLI, login with the username root and the same password as the WebUI.
Run the command ifconfig. The output should look similar to this:

find the interface qmimux0, and upload a screenshot in your next comment. Make sure to blur out the second half of the IP address!

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Correct, I am not able to ping the public mobile interface address, being able to ping the wan interface successfully.

This is the screenshot of the interface qmimux0


This could be an issue with the packet being sent back via the wrong interface. Could you try enabling Load balancing on both of these interfaces and check if the issue persists?
Load Balancing can be configured in Network → Failover menu, by selecting Load Balancing in the top-right corner. Don’t forget to save the configuration afterward.

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Hello, sorry for not answering these days. I have been testing these days and I have detected exactly the problem.

I have configured the router with the load balancing option as you indicated. When I lost or restarted the mobile modem, when I reconnected to the operator, the load balancing was not activated and did not open the ports through the mobile interface. I have to deactivate and activate the interfaces again in the Failover menu and the ports open correctly again.

Do you know if this is a firmware bug or is there a way to fix it?

Thank you so much.

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Not sure what could be causing this issue. Perhaps you could try re-installing the firmware on the device using the bootloader procedure as described here: RUTXxx Firmware via The Bootloader Menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Just to clarify, the settings are not even saved after the internal modem is restarted? (not the entire device).