RUTX50 SIM Switch & WAN Custom Routes

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well.

I wanted to ask few questions on a specific configuration I’m doing on my RUTX50 Teltonika Router.
Down below the high-level requirements:

  1. SIM switch between SIM 1 and SIM 2
  2. Failover between WAN and SIM 2
  3. Custom ports and routes for WAN interface (when active)

I’ve already tried to implement some of these points, but there are few things that are either not working as expected or I might need to tweak some settings.

For the SIM switch, I’ve been able to configure it through the settings and it works as expected: when I force SIM 1 to fail (I’m physically slotting out the SIM), there is a switch to SIM 2… however when I slot in again SIM 1 the router will not switch back to this one, which is technically the default.

Screenshots of the settings:

For the failover, I’ve enabled the WAN and MOBS2A1 interfaces and then set the policies for the failover:

I’m not sure about the flushing though, the target would be that if SIM 2 is active and is failing (supposing that there has already been a SIM switch because SIM 1 has failed) all active connections will directly go in the WAN interface. I guess that the WAN interface needs to be always active and, of course, the ethernet cable needs to be connection to an external router.

I’m not sure how to set the custom ports and routes for the WAN.
I would like to set something like the example below:

Service: My servive
Port: 22
Protocol: TCP

Should I resolve the hostname and put the IP under the routes or the firewall?

Thanks to anyone that can contribute! :slight_smile: