RUTX50 Script help needed, disable SSID

I would like to create a script that disables or enables one ssid, not the whole wifi, just 1 ssid

is that possible?


Hello, Percy.Nilegard

Yes, in RutOS CLI there are options to disable only one SSID.
If you try the command: uci show wireless -
You will get a configuration with a list of all existing SSID’s.

The difference is that the line appears in configuration when SSID is off :
wireless.default_radio0.disabled=‘1’ - For default 2.4Ghz SSID
wireless.default_radio1.disabled=‘1’ - For default 5Ghz SSID
wireless.1.disabled=‘1’ - For additional newly created SSID
( when there are no these lines in config - SSID’s are on )

So for a newly created access point, the commands that you would need for a script would be :
uci set wireless.1.disabled=‘1’ ( adds a line to configration to turn off SSID )
uci del wireless.1.disabled=‘1’ ( deletes a line from configuration to turn on SSID )
Network restart will be needed for changes to apply after editing wireless configuration :
/etc/init.d/network restart

Disclaimer: The commands syntax used in this example applies to RUTX series devices with wireless capabilities that are running RutOS 7.6.

More about UCI scripting :

You can write and save a script in the router /etc directory ( Best for saving because this directory uses flash memory which does not reset after reboot )
Also you can import a script that you already have. More info :

For executing a script there is also a couple of ways to do that :
Script periodic execution using crontab: Crontabs - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Script execution on startup: RUTX50 Maintenance - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Adding some more useful info about scripting, uploading & downloading files from RutOS

Hope this answers the question. If not, please let us know more details.
Best regards,

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