Rutx50 & Rutx10 one WiFi network and latest FirmWare issues

Hi there
First I will start with the latest Rutx50 firmware issue. I believe it started occurring since the 00.07.05 version. The problem is UPLOAD speed which slows down gradually to the concerning level (from 65-70mbps down to 10mbps upload) when I perform internet speed test. This happens pretty much constantly when I perform a test from PC connected to the router via ethernet cable. And I know that there is no problems with the cable (cat6) PC network adapters which run 1Gbps and 2.5Gbps or LAN ports either. I also tested using a laptop connected via ethernet - the same symptoms (upload slows down).
I never had this issue when rutx50 was running on the 00.07.04 firmware.
The interesting thing the upload speed is more stable when performing a test from a device connected via WiFi. Upload slows down but it doesn’t happen constantly.
I have to mention I have set of 2 external antennas on the roof for a better mobile connectivity. The other 2 antennas are genuine Teltonika which come in the package with the router. The internet provider is Telia and as I mentioned earlier I had no upload issues with the older firmware version.

You may ask me about download speeds. Well, its great. I have no complains about that I can achieve above 800mbps sometimes. A firmware version 00.07.05 and latest improved download speeds significantly as the router establishes connection with 4 LTE bands and also N78 5G band at the time. Before that it was 3 LTE bands and I was getting about 450-550mbps download (600+ occasionally).

The 2nd problem I can not get the best WiFi performance in the house using both rutx50 and rutx10 routers. My idea is to get the very best if its possible WiFi connectivity using both routers with the same SSID and acting similar as MESH without a need to reconnect a client (device) to other AP if client relocates closer to another router with a better signal strength. So basically I want 2 routers connected together via ethernet to provide best WiFi connectivity and perform as a single AP if its possible with ethernet available on both routers LAN ports obviously.

A topography would be like this: Mobile internet, RUTX50 as main router (gateway) with ethernet and WiFi connectivity. A second routerRUTX10 with ethernet and same WiFi connectivity (the same SSID).
Both router connected via ethernet cable. Any guidance how to set up this configuration will be much much appreciated.

I tried to set up a WiFi MESH, it was working but I was not happy with it. Too slow speeds possibly because rutx10 as node location and also problems with the latest firmware because I could not select LAN IP Protocol as DHCP in the RUTX10 NODE simply as this option was not available. Only None and Static protocols been shown in the protocol drop down menu. Mesh was working but very unstable. So I downgraded rutx10 firmware to the 00.07.04 release. Got stable Mesh but very slow.

Looking forward hearing from you
Thanks a lot

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