RUTX50 router as client

I try to create a local network with two RUTX50 routers. One router is the AP and the other one just a simple client. On both networks the DHCP service is disabled.

In the picutre below you can see how my network should be configured.

I connected the client to the AP point and on the I can see the IP address, as well as the MAC address of the router.
The client is connected as: IP: MAC: **:**:**:**:2E:87

On the client side I do have 2 interfaces configured, one for the typical lan/wifi and one for the client connection.
Lan is configured as: IP: MAC: **:**:**:**:2E:85
The wireless client interface as: IP: IP: MAC: **:**:**:**:2E:87
Both of the interfaces are up.

The client can ping its own interface IP addresses, but not to the AP and vice versa.

If more information is needed, please let me know.
Thanks in advance!


If you want to have a single WiFi network, have you considered using WiFi bridge? You can find a configuration example on our wiki page here.

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