Rutx50+Poynting System Antenna Network Connection

Hi everyone, I purchased a Teltonika Rutx 50 router and a Poynting System antenna
Mimo 3 v2 17 and I need help. Can anyone explain to me how I can connect to a wifi network provided to me by my neighbor? The installation was carried out on the camper and I often find myself at the house of friends who already have internet and I would have to connect to their access point to surf. How do I scan networks? Thank you


To start, I’d like to introduce you to the wireless working modes of our devices. Our routers can operate in a couple of different modes and here are two most important for your scenario :

  • AP ( access point) mode - In this mode, clients connects to the router, and your device provides internet access to the clients.
  • STA/Station/Client mode – In this mode, your router functions as a client, connecting to another AP to access the internet. This is the mode that applies to your situation.

To scan for available networks, navigate to the Network > Wireless section in the router’s WebUI. There, you will find your available wireless network interfaces. To connect to a different wireless network, click the SCAN button to search the surrounding area and attempt to connect to a new wireless access point.

Once you click the scan button, a list of available networks will appear. Choose your neighbor’s network by its SSID and enter the password. Keep in mind that your neighbor’s WiFi may operate on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies, so it’s essential to check both scenarios. If you scan on 2.4GHz and don’t find your neighbor’s SSID, try scanning on the 5GHz frequency.

You can find full tutorial on how to connect to other access points here: WiFi WAN example - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If you don’t see your neighbor’s access point while scanning on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, it’s possible that your neighbor’s WiFi SSID is hidden or the signal range is not enough.

In case the SSID is hidden, you can still manually connect to it. What you need to do is to press ADD button which is located on Network > Wireless. In pop-up window you will need to choose :

For more useful information about the device’s wireless technology, please visit our wiki page:RUTX50 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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