RUTX50 Poor performance no matter what SIM or Antenna, Mobile works great

I have poor to unusable performance from a RUTX50 router.

I have tried EE, 3, and Smarty 5G sim cards. All of which work perfectly in a mobile phone.

For example if I take a sim from EE or 3 and put it in a mobile phone I get 200 to 300mbs download with a 22 ms ping time. So the signal in my area is good even on a cell phone.

When I put the SIM in a RUTX50 with (I have 3 different antenna;s all 4x4MIMO) they barly connect.
For example on the 3 sim I get 600 MS ping time with about 1mbs download. Also none of them connect at 5g.

Is there something I am missing?

I have done the setup wizard for mobile and I am doing everything via the ethernet port not wifi.

What are the three antennas?

Where are the three antennas, indoors, outdoors, inside a vehicle, boat etc?

Where in the world are you?

Is the router in a building, boat, vehicle of some sort?

The speed tests between the router and the phone, are the two side by side in exactly the same location?

What firmwares (x2) Device and Modem are installed, update to the latest versions.

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