RUTX50 packet loss

We’ve had a fair bit of stability and connectivity problems with two RUTX50 routers in the field. We have seen both unstable connections and low/varying speeds.

We recently upgraded to the latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.07.1), which seems to have helped to some extent. However, we’ve seen indications of packet loss on the LAN (ethernet) connection to the routers. When investigating this further in a lab setup, we see that we get packet loss through the router. Is this to be expected, or is this a sign of some underlying problems?

In the lab setup, we have two Linux boxes with onboard ethernet interfaces, and a RUTX50 connected to the Linux boxes on the LAN/WAN side.

Running an iperf3 server on Linux box #2, and a client on Linux box #1 we do get some packet loss (UDP). This is the case passing data both ways (with/without the --reverse flag). The loss seems to primarily happen at the first inverval(s). See the screenshots below (client on the left side, server on the right).

Behavior with LAN/WAN port speeds at 100Mb/s

An interessting observation is also that the problem is also persistent (or even gets worse) when disabling auto-negotiation on the RUTX50 and setting the link speed to 100Mb/s (or 10Mb/s). Below, we’ve set the port speeds (both LAN and WAN to 100Mb/s). Furthermore, we don’t even manage to reach 50Mb/s throughput when using TCP with this setup.

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