RUTX50 not sharing IP in Passthrough mode

Hi. I have a new RUTX50 with the current firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.04.4) but haven’t been able to get it to share the IP from a mobile network connection with a LAN device.
I can see that SIM1 is getting an IP address from the 4G/5G network, but it’s not sharing in either Passthrough or Bridge modes.
Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?
(A Google search suggests it’s been a problem in recent firmware, but I haven’t been able to access those discussion threads)


The passthrough/bridge issues were resolved in v07.04.3 for the RUTX50. Could you post a screenshot of your mobile interface configuration, as well as the output of the ipconfig command if Windows are being used? Make sure to blur out any sensitive information!

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Thanks, I got it working today.
The mobile interface seemed to be connecting to the 4G/5G network and getting an IP but not sharing it.
I set the WAN interface protocol to ‘None’ and that seemed to help. It now passes the IP to the first LAN device (I haven’t locked it to a particular MAC).
Thanks - issue resolved for now.

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