RUTX50 MQTT Broker

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I am trying to activate MQTT on a RUTX50. With the web interface I can easily activate the Mosquitto, so far ok. But no clients can connect. I have already tried pretty much all combinations. But if I manually create a mosquitto.conf only with :

listener 1883
allow_anonymous true

Copy this to the router and start the Mosquitto via CLI, everything is ok and I can connect to it with a client.

Have you had similar behavior? What am I doing wrong? The way via the manually created conf cannot be the solution.



From RutOS v7.5 and newer, anonymous access is disabled by default. This change was made to increase the security of the device. Make sure you enable anonymous access in advanced settings if you’d prefer to use the broker without authorization.

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Thank you. I have now come so far that it is probably the port 1883. I always had the anaonymous access option selected and it was also set in the mosquitto conf.

Now I have noticed that if I change the port to e.g. 1888 I can connect. Is there another setting in the firewall or somewhere else that I didn’t pay attention to?


Could you check if your traffic rules (Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules) contains a rule to forward the port 1883 to the device zone? If it does, I’d also suggest checking the port forwards if this port is not forwarded to any LAN client, as that could cause issues.
Also, make sure to remove any configuration that was performed manually via the CLI to avoid any service conflicts (or perform a factory reset).
Let me know how that goes.

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Hi, everything is fine now. I reseted the router and it works now with MQTT. Thank you.

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