RUTX50 ‘mobileoff’ & ‘ping/wget boot’ interaction


Does ‘Services-Mobile Utilities-SMS Utilities-mobileoff’ command conflict with ‘Services-Auto Reboot-ping/wget boot’ config?

Currently I have the ‘ping/wget boot’ function set to reboot the modem if a data connection is down for a set number of ‘pings’.

I want to be able to turn the mobile data on and off via SMS. If I implement this, will the RUTX50 continuously reboot the modem, if the ‘mobileoff’ state is in force?

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Indeed, your understanding is correct. If the designated host specified in the ping reboot can only be reached through a mobile connection, then when the mobile connection is deactivated, the ping attempts will not succeed. Consequently, the action defined in the ping reboot configuration will be executed.

If you’re looking to deactivate the ping reboot function entirely, you have the option to use the following SMS command. Assuming the ping reboot rule in question is the first one in the configuration, you can send:

admin01 uci set ping_reboot.@ping_reboot[0].enable=0

To simplify this process, you can create a script to avoid typing the entire command each time:

uci set ping_reboot.@ping_reboot[0].enable='0'
uci commit
/etc/init.d/ping_reboot restart


This way, you can simply send the following to disable ping reboot (can create a similar rule where ‘enable=‘1’’):

admin01 pingoff

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This is perfect … thank you, Mike

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