RUTX50 mobile network type selection feedback

I noticed that even 07.05 firmware gave great improvement there is one clear downgrade for us.
There is no more option so select only 4G/5G networks. Its only 5G/4G/3G.
We use modems on moving ships and when on sea there is some 3G connectivity but we really don’t want to use it because bandwidth needs are much more than 3G can offer. Its better not to connect at all on those situations.
I tried by manually choosing bands but it wasn’t possible to deselect all 3G bands.

I don’t know who would want to use expensive 5G modem anyways with 3G networks? At least in our country 3G is something that operators are going to be shutting down in near future.

Please, add feature back to have possibility to lock modem to only 4G and 5G networks.

It doesn’t mean that if you select 5G/4G/3G, it connects to 3G. There is an word ‘auto’ near this selection, priority will be for 5G, if it’s not available, modem will connect to 4G and lastly on 3G if 4G is not available.

If it will be 5G/4G, you won’t get connection at all if both are not available.

Basically 5G/4G/3G includes all possible network types which modem supports.

Yes, i know. If there is 4G/5G available, it will use it.
But in our case there is places where only 3G is available, nothing else.
On those places I much rather want modem to stay disconnected completely. Router before modem is doing SD-WAN health checks and now that 3G is connected, health checks are fine but there is not enough bandwidth for actual payload traffic. If modem would be disconnected, SD-WAN wouldn’t steer any traffic to link.

I remember this was possible with earlier firmware releases to lock only to 4G/5G networks.

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