Rutx50 Logs Show Mesh Failure

Hi, I have a Rutx50 and 2 x Rutx10. One rutx10 is switched off as we issues with some connection drop outs stating no internet while other devices could connect and wanted to eliminate the unit but I have not switched it back on. However when following up another topic I discovered the logs and notices a recurrent issue with the Mesh network. I have set this up via your guide and you can see the mesh nodes are connected as clients in the mesh network but I noticed these message in the logs:


It’s hard to say what could be causing the issue in this case. I do have a few questions which might help me narrow down the issue:

  • In the logs it seems like only one mesh node is experiencing the issue. Are there any more active nodes in the mesh network?
  • Could you post a screenshot of the Network → Wireless page? This will help me understand your current configuration.
  • How often does this issue occur?
  • If you’re using 2.4GHz channel, make sure you manually lock it on all mesh devices, as by default it is set to Auto.

If all mesh nodes can reach the RUTX50 directly, then I’d recommend testing WiFi AP + WiFi STA configuration, where all routers connect directly to the RUTX50. This could help me understand whether the issue is related to the mesh implementation, or perhaps something else is causing it.

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Hi, I have just switched on the second rutx10 - so there are two mesh nodes. Interestingly this only shows in the 2.4 and not the 5 ghz. The channels are locked on all mesh devices so settings are the same - I can see the IP addresses of both rutx10 nodes when logged into the rutx50. Here is the network page:

And these are the messages after I switched the 2nd node on and the network slowed down so just switched it back off:

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