RUTX50 Load Balancing & Failover


Can I enable load balancing and failover simultaneously?

If I cannot and I use load balancing between wired/mobile how does the failover work when one link loses layer 3 reachability?

On the LB policy, say the traffic is coming from a single IP address (as I have a layer 3 router doing nat behind the RUTX50) can I load balance based upon source layer 4 port numbers?

as source IP will be the same, destination IP is any - and destination ports can be any/or the same - therefore only the source ports will be unique…

if so how do I configure that?


Failover and load balancing cannot be configured at the same time. However, in load balancing mode, the interfaces are still being tracked via pings to verify connectivity. You can edit those for each wan interface in the load balancing configuration.

You can also control how your internet traffic is directed by using load balancing rules and policies based on either the IP address or port number. To clarify, you can create a rule where you specify to which IP addresses and ports should be matched for a specific policy . Depending on these criteria, a specific load balancing policy will be applied. For example, you could have a policy configured to use a wired WAN connection. In this case, if the IP address and port match the ones you’ve defined, the traffic will be directed through that specific WAN connection.

I suggest you take a look at our wiki page here. You can find additional information here and here.

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