RUTX50 Is there a way to detect which wan connection is active?

I want to be able to programmatically detect whether the router’s active connection is using LTE or not.

I have a RUTX50 installed in my camper van, and I intend to send large files to the cloud automatically.

But I don’t want to do that while using a metered connection (i.e., SIM cards with data limits). As long as the active connection is either WAN (Starlink) or WWAN (camping site WiFi), I can let the transfer process run.

So is there an easy way that I can use to query the router and retrieve the current active connection?


AFAIK, Teltonika now also uses mwan3 for auto-failover, in its more recent firmwares. On my official openwrt on my RUT955s, I use the CLI-cmd “mwan3 interfaces” or “mwan3 status” to check for actual interface in use. Should work on RutOS, as well.