RUTX50 internet lost when IPsec connection is on

I have a RUTX50 that has been setup with an IPSec tunnel to a Fortinet firewall.
The LAN on the RUTX50 is and the Subnet on the remote side is

As soon as the VPN connection established, I lose access to the routers web GUI, I cannot ping it from a laptop plugged directly in and I cannot access the internet or ping the internet. I have a laptop connected directly into the RUTX50 that I am using to try getting a connection to the router and the internet.

I can however ping the RUTX50 from the Fortinet side. I can’t ping the laptop plugged directly into the router.

So then I have to have the VPN connection shut off at the Fortinet side so I can get back onto it.

Can anyone suggest what on earth is happening and what the fix is? It’s on the latest version, updated it today. Solutions before Wednesday are welcomed. That’s when this thing is meant to be getting deployed and I’m full on stuck.



Your addressing plan is flawed is contained in the RUTX50 has no way to know where to send echo replies for echo requests coming from the lan, nor any other packet either.

I suppose you have set the rightsubnet field to on the Fortinet’s side. True ?

What are the values of leftsubnet and rightsubnet at the two ends of the tunnel ?


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