RUTX50 Internal Modem Update Procedure

The modem is now falling back to 4G when previously 5G connection was stable - I have just noticed there is an update from RUTX_R_00.07.04.4 to RUTX_R_00.07.04.5 which I am downloading now. I can see there is an update for the modem but don’t know how to do this or even where to find the file for the update - current installed version is RG501QEUAAR12A07M4G_04.001.04.001. Is there a download page and update guide as it is not clear on how to do this - if I click the update available for the internal modem it does nothing.

Edit: worked out the modem update and selected server and I am now running most recent version. Still same issue in that I am stuck on 4G.

Please help and is there anything else I can do to improve my 5G connection?


If the physical location of the router has not changed (not related to the signal strength), then the issue could be caused by 5G signal being too weak. If the device connects to 5G at least for a short period, I will ask you to post a screenshot of the Status → Network → Mobile page when the device is operating on 5G and on 4G.
Please keep in mind, that the device should be on either Auto, or 4G+5G mode, as most carriers still use 5G NSA setups.

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Hi, the physical location has not moved and it is connected to a Poynting 5G-XPOL-1-V2-21 external antenna on outputs 2 and 3, I tried 1 and 4 following another forum post but it made no difference. The antenna sits on the outside of the house and is angled to get the best signal. The other two outputs have the antennas that arrived with the Rutx50 connected. There was an issue with 5G which the carrier acknowledged and was then confirmed as fixed so I am getting a bit more 5G where as before there was nothing but its not at the same speed. I have attached the screenshots - looks like its restricted to 1 / post:

And the 4G version - I removed the 3 fields for the sim card but they are all populated.


Thank you for the provided information.
Since your carrier is utilizing 5G Non-Standalone network, it can be tricky to force the modem to connect to 5G. In non-standalone networks, the user equipment works by first connecting to 4G, and then depending on availability, it will connect to a 5G cell as well.
In your particular case, it seems like the n28 5G band has slightly worse signal parameters, and since the internal modem of the RUTX50 does not support B3 + B3 + n28 carrier aggregation, it simply stays on B3 + B3. Since there is also no way to control carrier aggregation between two identical bands, it is not possible to “tell” the router to only use 1 4G band.
This behaviour is not controlled by the modem or the device, so likely there was a change in the power output of the carrier base station (power reduction for 5G or similar). I would recommend adjusting the antenna and checking if the modem connects to the 5G band. To find the optimal cell nearby, I’d recommend using a website like
After 5G Standalone network is implemented by the carrier, this issue can simply be resolved by locking the device to a 5G-only network.

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Thanks for the update, it does seem to be holding some 5G and it’s better than broadband over copper wire. I wonder if they are making adjustments at the mast and there is planning permission for a new mast nearby so I am hopeful it will improve further with the 5G rollout.

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