RUTX50 internal modem firmware issue

I’ve been using the RUTX50 for the past couple of weeks with no issues; 5G NSA, n78 band, pulling 250-300Mbps down, 50-100Mbps up…

Today I decided to upgrade the internal modem firmware to RG501QEUAAR12A08M4G_04.200.04.200 (previously 12A07). Unfortunately the modem is now no longer connecting to 5G and is instead failing back to 4G LTE.

If I reboot the modem, I see that it connects to 5G NSA briefly and then immediately disconnects and fails back to 4G.

How can I go about downgrading the modem firmware to the previous version?

In terms of the RUTX50 firmware, I have been using the latest RUTX_R_00.07.04.4. But it is only with the upgrade of the internal modem firmware that I’ve now got an issue.


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Update - looks like it’s all good now. In the end I did a factory reset and 5G now connects and stays up.

It would still be nice to get a response to my initial question though… How can I install a specific internal modem firmware version if required?

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