RUTX50 German Telekom LTE/5G HYBRID SIMcard not Connecting

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I have a RUTX50 and a Poynting XPOL-24.
I have a German Telekom DSL LTE/5G Hybrid contract and the corresponding SIM Card.
If I use my other German Telekom MOBIL-Contract SIM CARD… everything is fine and i only need to add my SIM PIN and the APN “internet.telekom” into the Wizard. Thats the good news… So the setup does work with mobil contracts…

Here comes the bad news…
If i use my SIM CARD from the DSL LTE/5G Hybrid contract, i alwasy fail to get something working.
I tried several combinations in the Wizard, but the SIM CARD will not be connected to the Cell.

I had a dialouge with some telekom support and they said, that this contract with DSL AND LTE/5G WILL ONY WORK WITH SPECIAL TELEKOM HARDWARE.
It seems that the german telekom does some checkings in the telekom speedport smart4 that connects the local 5G Cell to the address and the DSL cable and so on…
I am so f… up with the setup and the problems it brings up.

As you know in the RUTX50 Wizard there is following…
Custom APN
Authentication type

In my Telekom Speedport i have this to set up… (numbers a changed but same length)
DSL Zugang Anbieter: Telekom
Zugangsnummer (T-Online-Nummer): 123456789012
Mitbenutzernummer: 0001
Persönliches Kennwort: 12345678
Anschlusskennnung: 001234567890
In addition i have a SIM PIN, but this is not needed in the telekom router … PIN 1234

Is there any cheat or hope to get the RUTX50 running with my german telekom DSL LTE/5G Hybrid contract?
Is it an idea to set up a router cascade with the RUTX50 and the speedport to get this working… is the RUTX50 WAN port any option?

I am close to give up and send a thousand euros back to my local teltonika dealer…


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It seems like have additional authentication that is required to connect with your current plan. It’s hard to say how the authentication is performed, and it is not implemented into our firmware.
As I understand, Speedport smart4 only supports wired connections, and this is the device that the Telekom wants you to use as an “addon”: 5G-Empfänger mieten | Telekom. Is that correct?
If so, I’m afraid getting the SIM card working in the RUTX50 may not be feasible, since the carrier locked down their network on purpose.

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yes this is correct. The Speedport Smart4 does only work with wired DSL connetions. Telekom didn’t integrade external antenna connectors there. So to get 5G I am forced to use the 5G-Ext-Device, where you put in the SIM CARD. My hope was to maybe do a WAN connection from the RUTX50 to the Smart4 and declare one of them as the Gateway to internet in a little hope to get it working. The telekom 5G-Ext-Device does not support MiMo4x4 so the DL Rate will not be as good as possible.
In the End i will be forced to be a salve to the telekom and have to send my Poynting XPOL-24 and the RUTX50 back to my dealer.

Thanks a lot for reply


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