RUTX50 fix the frequencies

RUTX50 with external Antenna (a good 4x4) with direct sight to the Provider antenna (1 km far away)
So best Signal:
RSSI (-41dB), RSRP (-53dB), RSRQ (-11dB), SINR (25dB)
Germany O2 with option 5G+ (SA)

When i switch to “auto” i get
LTE B1(300)
LTE B20 (6000)
5G N28 (152690)
Download 180 Mbit, Upload 50 Mbit

Switch to manual:
B20 and N28: 160 Mbit
B1 and B20: 180 Mbit
B1 and N28: 250 Mbit
N28 (SA): 90 Mbit

So the best is NSA with B1 and N28.

That is perfect for a few hours.
But than it is only N28 (SA).with 90 Mbit.
I must switch to auto and again to manual to B1 and N28 to get it.
A few hours later the same.

Before i ordered the Option 5G+ it runs after a few hours only at 4G before i switch to auto and back to manual.

So what must i do to get ALWAYS B1 and N28 for the best download speed?

I read something to fix this Bands. But i am not a specialist where i must write a code or somthing like that.
So please explain it for an Idiot :smile:

We need the speed for our company. At cable from German Telekom we get only 50 Mbit download :frowning:

Thank you very much

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Thank you for contacting us. To best assist you with your current mobile experience, I’d like to gather some additional information. There are two potential factors that could be contributing to the situation:

It’s possible that 5G coverage may be limited in your immediate area.

The cell tower you’re currently connected to might be experiencing high traffic. When this happens, and additional users connect to the same band, your device may automatically prioritize a stronger 4G signal for better connectivity.

To help us pinpoint the exact cause, could you share your general location (city and state is sufficient) through Hubspot? This will allow us to check 5G coverage maps and assess potential tower congestion in your area.

Also, for further troubleshooting, we need additional sensitive information that cannot be shared on this public forum. Would be great if you could create your troubleshoot file right after the problem repeats and prior to the reboot of the device. Therefore, a form has been sent to your registered email address. Please fill it out, and upon completion, we will contact you via email to provide further instructions and information.

To get a troubleshoot file:

  1. Log in to the WebUI device
  2. Press on System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot
  3. Scroll down to Troubleshoot section and press “Download”

Best regards,


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