Rutx50 Failover Wifi > Mobil since Firmware 7.07

anyone knows this Firmware is buggy?
The Failover Wifi/Mobile doesn’t work for me.
It is not possible to configure the Failover that Mobile Data generate “no/less” Data if a Wifi Connection is active.
In my case the Data Transfer generates primary data over Mobil.
Has anyone a Configuration Example that woks?

Greetings Ralf


I want to kindly remind you that you should set priorities for the interfaces. If you want WiFi to work as the primary WAN, it should be first on the list, and if you want Mobile to work as the backup WAN, it should be second on the list.

Also, I recommend checking out our wiki page on failover: RUTX50 Failover - Multiwan.

Please let me know if this helps or if you require further assistance!

Best Regrads,

thank you for your Instructions.
the described instruction is what I have already configured.
As you can see the traffic of the 2 interfaces.

A few minutes later see the traffic

Could you please share the Failover configuration window specifically? Thank you.

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here my Failover Status Window

All settings under the interfaces wifi and mob1s1a1 are default


I will need some sensitive information about your device. I have sent you a form to fill out. Once completed, I will contact you privately. Please use ‘6256’ as the ticket ID. Thank You!

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