RUTX50 failover issue


My setup is : Switch 1 connected to the internet, Switch 2 connected to Switch 1, and the Teltonika (WAN) connected to Switch 2.

                    [Switch 1]
                   [Switch 2]
                [Teltonika WAN]

I also have a sim on the Teltonika and i am trying to handle the fail-over ,my issue is that when i disconnect the switch 1 from the internet , then on the UI of the Teltonika the interface of the wired connection is still up and the table with ip routes does not update .
I imagine this happens because on the failover rule on ping does not specify the specific interface (ping -I eth1) and does a general ping with whatever interface could work like in my case qmimux0.
Even though it appears offline on the picture the actual failover is not happening because the ip routes does not get updated . How can i handle the failover in my case ?

root@RUTX50:~# ip r
default via dev eth1 proto static src metric 1
default dev qmimux0 proto static scope link src metric 2 dev qmimux0 proto static scope link metric 2 dev br-lan proto kernel scope link src dev eth1 proto static scope link metric 1

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