RUTX50 external WiFi access IP range behind RUTX50

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I use the RUTX50 inside am mobile robot platform. Behind the RUTX50, on the robot, there are a few devices (Sensors, PLC and so on). What I want to do is to connect the RUTX50 to an external WIFI and then connect my Laptop to the very same WIFI. Next I want to access the robots hardware (Sensors, PLC …) by using the external WIFI. The robots IP range differs from the WIFI IP range. Is this setup possible?

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Once connected, your laptop, which is also connected to the same external WiFi, should be able to communicate with the devices behind the RUTX50. You might need to set up static routes or network address translation (NAT) depending on the network configuration to ensure proper communication between the different IP ranges. This allows the RUTX50 to connect to an external WiFi network and act as a bridge between your laptop and the devices behind it, such as sensors and PLCs, even if they are on different IP ranges.


Yes, it should be possible. There are several ways to do it. You can likely find similar posts on this forum. Here are the most practical options:

  1. Bridge Mode: Set up the RUTX50 to connect to the external WiFi network. This makes it act like a bridge between your laptop and the devices on the robot. If the external WiFi allows device communication, this should work without much hassle.

  2. Port Forwarding: If the external WiFi network doesn’t allow device-to-device communication, use port forwarding. This forwards specific ports from the external WiFi network to the devices on the robot. Your laptop can then access the devices through these ports.

  3. VPN: For added security, set up a VPN connection between your laptop and the RUTX50. This creates a secure tunnel, allowing your laptop to access the robot’s devices as if it were directly connected to the robot’s network.

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