RUTX50 esim possible?

Hello everyone,
maybe you can answer a question for me:
Is it possible to use an eSIM with the RUTX50. Or if this will be possible in the future?

If it is possible is there a manual for this ?

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This depends on what eSIM you have in mind. The RUTX50 can work with removable plastic eSIMs (eUICC), specifically those categorized as M2M eSIMs where the “Push” method for profile updates is managed from the operator side.

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First of all, thank you for your answer.
Ok under eSim I had until now always something else in mind as it is done at Apple with a fixed plastic card and a virtual card.

I will because router with me in the camper anbei and there my devices such as laptop and tablet operate.
Had thought that I could use for example an eSim from airalo. But that does not seem to go if I have understood correctly.

Do you know a offer that has mainly cards with data volume at a good price?


Apologies, but I cannot really recommend any SIM card providers. I would suggest taking a look at other forum posts to see what other people use. You can also refer to our old forum which is in read-only mode now. You can find the old forum is here.

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