RutX50 enough for my purpose

I’ve already bought RUTX50. My purpose was internet connection using only one duplicated movistar sim.
When I turn on it, the 4G and 5G leds are on.

Watching TV is more or less ok, although some times signal is not enough, but goes on.
But I’ve got 6 4k video cameras with one video recorder, and one videointercom.

The problem is when I want to display 4k cameras with an android app. Usually they became offline, or I can see only some of them. It’s like Internet is not enough to display all of them.

How can I know it’s speed and if it’s enough for what I need, or is necessary to have fibra connection?

Thanks very much


Your setup, which includes streaming Netflix, six 4K cameras, and other devices, will certainly require a substantial amount of bandwidth.

Could you run a speed test on RUTX50 from System → Speed test? What are the results?

The bandwidth needed in your case depends on many factors and settings of your 4K cameras. As a high-end estimate, you might need up to 150+ Mbps (assuming each camera consumes about the same bandwidth as a 4K Netflix stream).

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