RUTX50 DHCP leases stopped working

Hi all,
I am new to this group and this is my first post. I have a RUTX50 now for over 6 months and very pleased. Last night had a power cut and power was restored some time during the night.
Now the RUTX50 is not giving any DHCP leases !
This PC has a static IP and RUTX50 is giving internet access to any device with a fixed IP.
The RUTX50 is powered via a surge protector and this morning I have updated the firmware directly off the server. No luck - I can not get DHCP to start working again so only way I can connect to internet is by manually assigning devices a static IP.
Any ideas please

That sounds strange!

Have you tried performing a factory reset?


i believe that 3rd party devices should be on DHCP so RUTX50 can read it on DHCP leases thingy, if it is not shown, so i prefer to proceed with bootloader menu factory then it should work, link below can help