RUTX50 Bluetooth

Hi, I just got a RUTX50 and had assumed (whoops) it would act as bluetooth gateway for eye beacons. I was surprised that it can’t since other Teltonika routers can and Teltonika telematics products also can. What’s the simplest way to pick up bluetooth devices with the RUTX50?



Thanks for contacting Teltonika Networks’ technical support team.

Unfortunately, RUTX50 does not support Bluetooth. Not all Teltonika Networks routers support Bluetooth technology. Currently, Teltonika Networks’ portfolio consists of these devices that support Bluetooth:

  • RUTX10

  • RUTX11

  • RUTX12

  • RUTX14

On the Teltonika Networks products web page (Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT), you can quickly filter out Bluetooth-compatible devices by checking the Bluetooth checkbox in the Features section.

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