RUTX50 auto fallback to Ethernet WAN?

Due to a problem when migrating my home fibre connection last year between ISPs I ended up without service for a while and as I am working from home I had to quickly get a mobile broadband solution in place while things were sorted out.

I bought the first router I could get hold of quickly along with a 5G SIM.

The router in question does support a wired connection and failover to cellular but no autimatic fallback when the PPP connection recovers (ISP has had some overnight faults and I’ve found the router still on the mobile connection the next and had to switch it back manually.

I’ve seen the RUTX50 reviewed and it looks a great bit of equipment.

My quesiton is does it support automatic fallback to the wired connection in such a scenario?

I’d like to know before I buy one please?

I am in the UK.



Our devices come equipped with a failover function designed to serve as a backup for your primary WAN connection in the event of a failure. Through the WebUI, you have the flexibility to configure failover settings according to your preferences. This includes setting priorities, enabling or disabling interfaces, and specifying the conditions under which the failover should occur.

When failover is enabled, our devices continually check the internet connection by pinging a specified server (default is and If the primary interface (wired WAN) experiences a failure (no response from the server while pinging), the secondary interface (Mobile) is automatically activated. Once the primary interface recovers (starts receiving pings again), the system reverts to using it as the main connection.

More information about failover can be found on our wiki page:

If you are looking for a 5G router, RUTX50 is the optimal choice.

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