Rutx50 antennas abit weak?

Hi i just got me an rutx50 in hope of getting better connectivity compared to my old ZTE mf286.
Initially i had problems with it connecting to the internet provider at all, but when it did it gets much lower mbits than the zte.

With the zte im at around 8-40 mbits down and 4-15 up.
with the rutx50 im only at 3 max down and 0,3up.

I do live on the countryside in sweden with about 3,5km to the neares tower with some forest in between.
But was hoping that the rutx50s 4 antennas would improve over the zte’s built in 2, but it didnt.

So to my question since its a quite expensive piece of equipment.

are the stock antennas worse than the ZTE built in ones or is it something else?
i wanted to try it out stock at first and was hoping it would be an improvement before eventually getting a pointed 4x4 antenna but this gave me some doubts…


I was not able to find any information on the antennas integrated into the ZTE device, however, it is likely that they simply have a higher gain factor, as it is intended to be positioned in the same orientation everytime, which allows manufacturers to make the antenna slightly higher gain.
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Hi again!
I did some more radical testing today and since it didnt rain i put it on the roof and just as that i got 40 down and 18 up!
As said we live on the country side and i wanted to try it out before i invested further in a pointed antenna!
it seems as the zte got a bit better gain antennas stock but i will look up a pointed 4x4 mimo and see what i can get out of this!

i will do a write up on my conclusions when its done!
Thx for the reply
Best regards

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