RUTX50 antenna options

I’m looking to set up the RUTX50 on large vehicles to replace RUT955s. Due to the locations where the vehicles will be parked, one end might be near to tall buildings, it would be beneficial to have an antenna at each end of the trailer.

Would plugging in two 2x2 antennas work in the same way as one 4x4 antenna in optimal conditions, or would only one 2x2 antenna work at a time?


Since all antennas have a different purpose, one 4x4 MIMO antenna would work better than two 2x2 MIMO antennas. Additionally, the distance between the antennas depends on the antennas used, as they all have different polarization patterns, gain, etc.
We have a combo antenna specifically for RUTX50/TRB500, which would most likely work the best in your use case: 5G COMBO MIMO MOBILE/GNSS/WIFI ROOF SMA ANTENNA

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Perfect thanks for your response. I have been looking at that model antenna.

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