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I have this router and I want to send the GPS data to an http server. I think that this is possible, because in the router configuration web UI, Services / GPS / http I can put a web adress ( But I’m receiving nothing…

What is the way to capture the GPS data? Is it possible what I’m trying? Where I can see the documentation of this? I can’t find it in the wiki/FAQ.



We have quite an extensive article on our GPS packet information here: RUT955 GPS Protocols - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Are you using your own application? Or an already existing application like Tracar?

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I’m trying to develope my own software, if I can dot it more or less in a easy way. I see this GPS / https options in the router configuration (screenshot attached), and with no help/documentation anyway, I think that this can be to send tracking data in a format like json or similar. Am I wrong? It’s possible do what I need?



GPS data to HTTPS server simply formwards NMEA sentencia via HTTP(S) POST, there’s no JSON.

If you want to receive GPS data in JSON format, I would suggest the following:

  • Enable Modbus TCP Slave on RUTX14

  • Create Modbus TCP Master instance to request GPS data from the router itself periodically (localhost IP Requests example:

  • Send this data to your server via HTTP using Data to Server functionality. This way, you will be able to receive it in JSON (specify the format as you wish). For example:



I recommend you take a look at our wiki page here for more information about device monitoring via Modbus.

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Hi Andzej,

If I receive the data via POST, it’s perfect also. The problem that I have is that the router isn’t calling the URL. I have a log that save all json/post data received (even if all is empty), and if I open the URL with the browser, I have data in the log, but never receive a request from the router.

I see in your screenshot you are sending data to a local IP. I’m trying to send data to an external host, with the domain name, no the IP (it’s a shared IP). Can be this the problem? There is a way to solve it?

Thanks for your attention!



Could you clarify what you mean by saying it’s a shared IP?
Have you tried reaching the server by using the ping utility on the RUTX14 (System → Administration → Troubleshoot)?
Or is the host behind a service like Cloudflare and can only be accessed using the hostname?
Finally, make sure you specify http:// or https:// at the beginning of the domain name, as well as specifying the port if a non-standard one is used.
If none of these help, you could try performing packet capture by using the TCPdump utility. Navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, enable the TCPdump option, and select the interface as wwan0 (for mobile connection) or eth1 (for wired WAN). Save the configuration. After making a few HTTP requests, go back to the Troubleshoot page, and download the TCPdump file. This file can be opened using an application like Wireshark and the packets on port 80 or 443 can be filtered. If you are not able to determine the issue from the TCPdump file, please post a screenshot of the packet logs here, with the hostnames and IPs partially blurred (so we can understand which packet is going where).

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