RUTX14 - Device is temporarily blocked - lost RMS connectivity


We have a RUTX14 device that is used with SIM1 as primary Internet link for a remote location.

It has been in use for over a month and we also purchased a 10 year RMS license on it. All looked good.

Two days ago we had to reset everything to factory due to a mobile connectivity issue (12+ seconds reset button) and the device is working (locally) ok again - Internet is accessible to all devices via LAN or Wifi.

RMS, however, is no longer working.

From the device interface itself (locally) we get ‘connection refused’.

On the RMS dashboard we see ‘Device is temporarily blocked.’ and - overlay over the caution icon: '‘The platform cannot validate this device’s authenticity. Please confirm whether the device’s manufacturing information was inputted correctly.’

Please advise - thank you.

Alexander M.

I have the same issue for the last days. The device is a RUTXR1, Connection to RMS is not working. As far as I can tell, the device information in RMS is correct. Is there anything else to check?


Have you tried unregistering and then re-registering the device on RMS? If not, please try this as it may help resolve the issue.

Best Regards,

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