RUTX14 AVL with battery SoC visible in Traccar


I have a Traccar installation, with some devices registered, including RUTX14 (labeled as “* Caravan”):
as you can see, Traccar has capability to show battery State of Charge (SoC) of the device. But there is no SoC reported for my RUTX14 device. how can i get it shown?
my high level idea:

  • I have a battery management system (BMS) in my Caravan which has serial interface
  • RUTX14 has a USB. i could connect BMS to RUTX14 via serial-USB adapter.
  • I write a (Java) app and run it as a service on RUTX14 which would periodically pull data from BMS and store in some place accessible for AVL.
    would that work? where should i put the data for AVL to see it? should i improve/change the AVL itself (is it opensource?) on the RUTX14?



This definitely looks like an interesting project!
It should be noted, that Teltonika AVL sender is not open source, thus it cannot be modified directly (or injected with additional data). However, if you’d like to try and write your own AVL data sender, we have some more information on the structure and contents of packets here: RUT955 GPS Protocols - Teltonika Networks Wiki
RUT956/RUT906 also contains an analog input pin, which could be used for reporting the voltage level of the battery and send along with the AVL data (if Traccar supports that).
Let me know if any additional information is needed!

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ok thanks, but are you sure that AVL sender in RUTX14 is not open source? i accidentally stumbled upon the License page in my RUTX14 and it says it is GPL:

which parts are indeed GPL and which are not?


Correct, parts of the software are GPL:

This product includes software code developed by third parties, including software
code subject to the GNU General Public License (“GPL”).

If any more information about our GPL policy is required, please contact us at

We provide an SDK for anyone who decides to expand upon our firmware: Software Development Kit - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Instructions on how to add packages and compile the firmware can be found here: RUTOS Software Development Kit instructions - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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