RUTX12 No Internet Connection after FW update


I’m based in the UK using a EE sim. I recently updated the firmware on our RUTX12 to 07.04.3 and now we don’t seem to be able to get access to the internet.

The modem seems to be connecting to EE absolutely fine, but the router doesn’t seem to be able to access this connection. I checked the APN and that is all correct.

I wondered if I needed to update the modem firmware at the same time. This is currently EG06ELAR04A04M4G . I don’t have another internet source here so would need to update the modem manually.

Thanks for any advice.

Update - I tried switching the slots around just in case some compatibility things might be going on and I can’t get it to connect at all - which leads me to suspect that there is something weird going on with the box talking to the modems.

Is there a way to update manually?

Hi, could you please clarify what’s the issue about? Does your device obtain an IP address from the carrier on a mobile interface? What’s the mobile connection status? Is modem able to register to the carrier at all?

Perhaps you have some logs from logread command (need CLI access for that)? Logs should be able to indicate what’s happening in the backend.

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I finally figured it out, did a factory reset and it got it all going again.

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