RUTX12 losing connectivity daily

We have 2 RUTX12 routers that are being used with Starlink. Starlink is the primary connection and cellular is set as secondary with failover. The Starlink is in bypass mode.
Daily the connection loses “internet” but ping traffic still passes. At first we thought it was a HTTP issue but on the second unit it appears that DHCP stops handing out leases.
To “fix” the issue we have a daily reboot but would really like a more permanent solution as sometimes this isn’t enough.
Firmware is on 7.04.4

Anyone else seen this?



Apologies for a delayed response.
As I understand, the RUTX12 stops handing out the leases on the LAN interface, is that correct?
Or is it the Starlink dish that does not hand out the leases?
Can the pings reach the internet (e.g., or just the dish? Perhaps specifying the DNS servers manually on the LAN interface would help address the issue?