RUTX12 load balancing configuration one to many

Hi ,
I need help to implement a configuration with some amount of rutx12,
some of them are remote units and one unit as a center unit
I what to configure the modems as load balancing , as traffic load sharing through both cellular network’s
each network are a private APN so i have APN1 and APN2 ,
the end equipment are committed and port forwarding to the server.

Please advice.


To configure Load Balancing for mobile interfaces, please refer to this wiki page: RUTX12 Failover Load Balancing Configuration Guide.

Currently, it’s not clear what additional configurations you need in addition to Load Balancing. Could you please provide more details on your plan? It would also be helpful if you could attach a topology drawing.

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the configuration that I’m looking for is

IP device 1---->RUTX12 -->(WAN1) / (WAN2)<— RUXT12 <---- IP server
IP device 2---->RUTX12 -->(WAN1) / (WAN2)<— RUXT12 <---- IP server

I want to be able to use both WANs load balancing so I can benefit a full bandwidth of both WANs
in case of fail in one of the WANs the other WAN will continue working …

Is it possible ? what the configuration ?



Yes, it is possible. By default, when Load Balancing is configured, if one WAN interface goes down, the other will continue working.

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thanks , I’ll try it …

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