RUTX12 Inbound traffic directed to secondary modem not routing

After FW update to 07.05.4 from 07.02 (not sure) I’m unable to contact a internal HTTPS server via the secondary modem. I’ve ruled out everything I could think of (CG NAT, port forwarding, DDNS).

Everything was working on the previous FW. Tried restoring to factory and aplying my configuration, didn’t make a difference.

Via primary modem, I’m able to contact the server. As a workaround, I’ll switch the sim cards, but I think that something is not routing correctly.


Is the issue with HTTPS only? Does HTTP work? What about SSH (when connecting via SSH, username is ‘root’)?

Have you tried connecting from a different device/network?

What kind of an error do you get?

Could you please check if the correct APN is configured and the device obtains a public IP address?

Do you have any failover/load-balancing configured?

Are both mobile interfaces UP in Network → WAN? Is your mob1s1a1 interface the main WAN source? Have you tried swapping the order so that the other interface is at the top of the list? Are you able to connect to the device then?

Perhaps you have tried reconfiguring the device manually after a factory reset (without uploading a backup file)?

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Got it to work by disabling port balancing and enabling again.

Probably something from the previous FW that as messing with the config.

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