RUTX12 Hotspot Landing Page translation and advanced design


I’ve been struggling to adjust the Landing Page of my Hotspot in the new V7 Firmware. In the previous Version I had everything very well designed, including a nice background image, custom CSS and even a different font.

In the V7 Firmware I can’t even get to change the basic Text! Also, the logos only work as SVG and need to be reuploaded every time I change anything in the Hotspot Settings!

I’ve tried to replace the text inside the templates
<%:Welcome to Rutos!%>
<%:Some other text%>
but that didn’t work.

Is there any possibility to provide a translation or how am I supposed to change the text?

Also, when I use a different template (other than the default template), it is not included in the backup config and when I upload the config to a different device, the landing page crashes completely!

Please help!

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