RUTX12 Failover Rules

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I am using a RUTX12 with latest firmware RUTX_R_00.07.05.4
I have Starlink on WAN and a 4g SIM on MOB1 currently set as failover with WAN as higher priority.
The Lan side is sent to a Ubiquiti UDMP which is also NAT’ing (I don’t really want to change that).

I have a device on the internal network (e.g inside of the UDMP) that is streaming RTMP traffic that I would like to send out via the 4G network. It needs to stay internal to the UDMP as it uses several other internal resources for it’s streaming.

I thought I should be able to set a Failover rule to redirect the traffic via a different policy. I have tried several different ways but it never send it via the 4g network. I tried setting the protocol to TCP and trying to capture traffic on port 1935 but that didn’t work. I also tried setting Protocol to all and setting destination addresses to all the youtube streaming server ip’s but that didn’t work either. I’ve tried it with and without a source address (I used the UDMP external address for this as it’s nat’ing and everything appear to come from there).

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I am left wondering if selectively changing failover priority by rules is not possible?

I thought this would work too, but it doesn’t…


First, make sure you are on the latest firmware version.

The top rule for device will include a policy with the mob1s1a1 interface only, while the default rule for all other traffic (second rule) will included a policy where WAN is MAIN and mob1s1a1 is failover.

Here’s a config example:

Now, WAN is the MAIN interface in failover, while traffic to goes via mobile interface (qmimux is the mobile interface):

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