RUTX12 Dual Sim Failover on Network Strength

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Is anyone able to give advice on how to setup the RUTX12 device with two sims to auto failover to the modem with the strongest signal based on RSSI or something?

I can only see options to have it failover based on disconnection when what I need is it to change to the modem that has the best signal within certain parameters.

Had a situation where Primary modem was connected but very poorly so internet was extremally bad but still technically connected and had to manually change it to modem 2 that had a much better signal and internet connection, I need this to be an automatic failover which is the whole point in having the RUTX12 for uninterrupted stable internet connection.



Failover functionality currently does not contain a feature to failover based on signal strength. However, without going the custom script route, the best solution I could suggest in this case would be to configure load balancing and check if the behaviour is still the same. While in theory load balancing is not intended for such use cases, it might help in keeping the connection more stable overall.
However, if you are willing to go the custom script route, the best solution might be to create a script which gathers the signal parameters from both modems, and then compare them.
The commands to get the signal parameters could be:

root@RUTXR1:~# ubus call gsm.modem0 get_signal_query
        "net_mode_id": 21,
        "net_mode": "LTE",
        "rssi": -72,
        "rsrp": -105,
        "sinr": -1,
        "rsrq": -13


root@RUTXR1:~# gsmctl -q -N 0
RSSI: -72
RSRP: -105
RSRQ: -13

For the second modem, simple replace the 0 in the modem number with 1. To parse the JSON messages, the best tool would be jq: Guide to Linux jq Command for JSON Processing | Baeldung on Linux
To set a metric (priority) on a specific interface, uci can be used:

uci set network.mob2s1a1.metric='5'
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network reload

The higher the metric - the lower the priority of the interface.
This script can be added to a crontab to be checked every ~5 minutes to avoid frequent disconnections when reloading the network package in areas where signal levels are similar for both modems.

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