RUTX12 crash on wifi traffic


I have RUTX12 that has been working fine until recently it started to crash (reboot) on WiFi traffic. It accepts connection to WiFi (both 2 and 5G) but as soon as traffic starts it crashes. Its fine on LAN.

I’ve disabled 2G and used 5G and it crashes just as disable 5G and use 2G, so the error is independent of witch frequency is used.

After I started to experience this error I updated to newest firmware and still have the error. Any suggestions?


As a first course of action, I’d suggest simply factory resetting your device, to check if the crash could be configuration related.
If that does not help, could you replicate the issue, then navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, open the System log window and copy the logs from the past few minutes? These logs can either be pasted in the next comment, or uploaded to a third-party hosting service and the URL can be shared here.
However, if the router becomes unreachable after the crash, this would suggest a hardware failure. If the device is still within the RMA period, I’d suggest returning it for repair.
Let me know how it goes.

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