Hello there, i have problems with getting my rutx11 active.

It keeps stating: failed to resolve host name…

Current hostname is:

Tried many things, but cant get it to work.

I am registered at rms and so is the router…

Hope to get answers!!


Thank you for your query,

I would advise you to check if the device has internet connectivity and this can be achieved by doing a ping test in the CLI of the device. Ping and check if you are getting a reply. Here is a link for more information on how to use the CLI Command Line Interfaces - Teltonika Networks Wiki

The second thing is to check whether the correct DNS settings of the active WAN are entered. In the case of Mobile WAN as the active interface, this can be done in the web UI Network>Interfaces select mob1s1a1 pencil symbol and navigate to advanced settings as shown in the diagram. In the example, the DNS area is empty because the ISP provides the DNS server IP

Best regards,

Kennedy. K

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