RUTX11 Wan failover, script to show if i'm using wifi or mobile

Hi. I have my RUTX11 setup for WAN failover with the primary being WIFI and the secondary being the Mobile. It seems to be working fine.

However I’d like to know is there a way of scripting so I can see if my WAN is currently using WIFI or using MOBILE at the time of the script running ? My goal would then be to call this from SMS execute custom script




Our routers allow you to run custom scripts through SMS. You can use UCI commands to determine the current active WAN Failover, but there’s a simpler method using Event Reporting.

With Event Reporting, you can get SMS or email notifications when certain events occur. In this situation, you’ll be notified when the WAN source switches between main and failover.

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Thanks. I’m now using event reporting and it works great.


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