RUTX11 User interface no more accessible


my RUTX11 started to have problems after the latest firmware update, e.g. losing connection when adding a new wifi client or unstable mobile connection.

Now I cannot even access the user interface. The device is still available at, but when I log in it only says “Failed to load menu data”. Rebooting the device did not solve the problem.

Please can you give me advice.

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Could you clarify if the issue started happening after an update or any configuration change?
Perhaps you could try using a different browser to reach the WebUI of the device?
If using another browser does not help, could you try logging in to the device using SSH (username root, password is the same as the one used to log into the WebUI), and running the following command:

cat /etc/config/ip_blockd

Check if there is no entry with the IP address of the device you’re trying to connect from.
Finally, if you’re not able to login via the SSH as well, I’d suggest resetting the device to factory defaults by holding the reset button until all signal LEDs light up and releasing it.

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