RUTX11 SMS Gateway - not all members of group getting message


I am running a RUTX11 as a SMS Gateway to send SMS messages when IOs are triggered from other Teltonika hardware.

IO → RUT360 → HTTP action → RUTX11 SMS HTTP Webhook → SMS

This works well most of the time, but on occasion the modem will not send SMSes to all the recipients in the recipients group (say 4 out of the 6 recipients will get get the message).

The modems are all connected to each other via an enterprise network.

Has anyone experienced this before?


@rashid this also relates to Error, if i save my sms phone group and sending a sms only an one number of the group - #13 by Ralph


For this one, kindly try disabling the VoLTE option on the SIM card settings of the RUTX11.
To do this, Navigate to NetworkMobileGeneral. Then choose the ‘Off’ settings in the VoLTE field.

After that, Navigate to StatusNetworkMobile. Then press the ‘Restart Connection’ button.

After doing the steps above. Do a testing and check if all recipients will receive all the sms.
At the same time, monitor the logs doing testing by navigating to the CLI of the router and run the command logread -f

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Hi Rob,

I have tried these changes and it has not improved the situation.

Sometimes all members of the group get the message, sometimes say the first 4 of 6 will get the messages.

It seems that it preferences numbers earlier in the list. Ie, the bottom numbers seem to be the ones most likely missed.

As for the log read, nothing unexpected. Below is a snip off the syslog:

Any other ideas?


@rob_dj Have done some further tests and the following observations were seen:

Sent a message to a group of 7 numbers.

The modem logs the “Calling 'sms_send' handler” instantly.

It takes 45 seconds for the first GSMD “SMS was sent to: xxxxxxxxxxxxx” to be logged. Once this 45 seconds elapsed, the first 4 messages sent very quickly.

Then it hung for 1 minute before the final 3 messages sent.

It should also be noted that during that 1 minute, my SNMP monitoring system timed out on doing its SNMP checks on the RUTX11.

I sent the message by executing a cURL command which did not receive its “Ok” response until all 7 messages were sent.


I did a similar test as well where I sent an sms message to a group of 6 numbers triggered by HTTP action (via Postman and CLI - curl) and all 6 recipients are able to receive it right away.

Things to consider:

  1. Network Congestion - the common caused of delays in sms delivery.
  2. Mobile signal strength of the device. This is very less likely, however there’s a possibility in case the signal coverage of the router aren’t good.
  3. Modem firmware - If there’s an update available, it’s recommended to update to it to ensure that the modem will run efficiently.

Note that during my testing, all phones (recipients) are in a good coverage area (which might be a factor as well)

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