RUTX11 provides very slow upload speed using Verizon


I have a RUTX11 device running the latest firmware 07.04.5 but unfortunately is providing very slow upload speeds <1Mbps.

Can someone share any configuration tweaks or even a good working firmware version?

Thanks in advance.

The only thing I changed from default configuration is the following to get Anydesk working on my setup


Could you please share a screenshot of the ‘data transmission’ section in Status → Network → Mobile?

You mention that the upload speeds are less than 1 Mbps. What about download speeds? Do you ever get better speeds or is it always like this?

Do you have an option to try a different SIM card, preferable from a different operator? If so, please share the results of using a different SIM card.

Also, how are you testing this?

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Here is the info

Download speed is good but Upload is terrible

Speed Test had been run on a Linux device but also on the Teltonika Router itself


It seems that software frow offloading is disabled in Network → Firewall. Can you try enabling it and see if the speeds are improved?

Additionally, the device is presently connected to LTE band 13. It’s worth noting that this band operates at a relatively lower frequency, which generally offers better coverage but at the cost of slower speeds. You can try testing different bands based on your specific environment. To identify available cells and the frequency bands they offer, you can utilize the cellmapper website. To adjust the bands manually, navigate to Network → Mobile settings, choose the 4G Network option, and manually select the desired bands.

Furthermore, please make sure that there are no other connected devices or services utilizing substantial bandwidth, as this can impact the speedtest results.

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