RutX11 - problem with loggin and password

Hi ,
I bought new Rutx11 and :

  • password to “admin” account not working
  • password to wifi not working
  • SSID on backside is RUT_6C1C_2G and diferent when router is “online”/ power on

I done upgrade firmware but the situation is the same.

Please, any suggestions.


Since you’ve successfully updated the device firmware, it implies that you can connect to the device’s WebUI. All the settings you mentioned can be modified within the device itself.

If the information on the device is incorrect, it might be a manufacturing issue, although this is very unlikely. We can provide the correct information if you provide us with the serial number (privately). Note that the admin password written on the device is intended to be temporary. Upon the first login, you’ll be prompted to create a new password.

Best regards,


Hi Tomek,

how did yout manage to upgrade the firmware if you
don’t know the password for the admin?

Timelapse Admin

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