RUTX11 - Not internet in LAN


I’m sure this issue was mentioned in the old forum but we can’t access it anymore.

I’ve an issue with my RUTX11 (with the latest firmware RUTX_R_00.07.04.4) :

  • The RUTX11 is connected to a wifi
  • If we connect to the RUTX11 in Wifi we have internet
  • If we connect to a LAN port we can connect to the router but we don’t have internet

I’ve not change any settings so I’m running the default ones from the router.

Any idea why I have this behavior ?

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I assume you have connected your RUTX11 to another access point in client mode by pressing the SCAN button. Is that correct? Considering that you did not change anything else, you should be able to have internet access as WiFi and LAN ports are under the same logical interface br-lan by default. So if you connect to the RUTX11 via WiFi and get internet access, then, you should be able to access the internet from the LAN port as well.

Have you tried restoring the device to factory settings in System → Backup?

If it does not help, could you share the configurations you did? But before sharing, please, blur any sensitive information for the privacy purposes.

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