RUTX11 - No Power after reconnecting Power

Hi, I use a RUTX11 in my camper. Now I’ve removed it and wanted to use it at home for a network test setup. In the camper, the router was powered by a Victron Orion as a stable 12V power source. At home, I tried to use the supplied power adapter of the RUTX50, but the router shows no signs of life. No power LED or any other LEDs. I then tried to power the router through POE on LAN1, and lo and behold, it works! Now, something seems to be wrong with the voltage regulator of the Molex connector since even the digital I/O ports show no function. The device was purchased on October 12, 2021, and has worked flawlessly since then. The power adapter works fine with the RUTX50. 5 weeks out of warranty… :frowning: What can I do?

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