RUTX11 no LAN after firmware update 7.05.4


I updated my RUTX11 firmware remotely from 7.05.0 or 7.05.3 to 7.05.4 last week (file from server and keep settings).
Modem firmware is at EG06ELAR04A20M4G.
There was nothing special configured, 1 VPN that has been working for weeks and a different IP range that’s it.

After the update I lost the connection to my connected devices.
I could not reach the modem via the LAN ports, also not if I set my PC IP to static or the default IP range in case a factory reset had happened.
The modem 4G status led was on and the bar showing signal, is seems al least a part was still working.
I did not look further into this and had to do a factory reset.

Also on a RUT240 and RUT956 I have had problems updating firmware (file from server and keep settings) where suddenly firewall rules were changed or unnamed firewall zones appeared and rules changed.

I don’t want to have to test every firmware myself on a local device before deploying to all remote devices.
Arrant these firmware’s tested thoroughly before releasing?

Is there anything we can do to reduce the probability of failure?
For example I do a fresh restart before a firmware update.


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Before publishing or releasing the firmwares, Teltonika Networks engineers test them to ensure the device functionality remains unchanged. Occasionally, unexpected errors may occur during the firmware download or the upgrade/reinstallation process, leading to unforeseen behavior.

If you are experiencing problems after a firmware upgrade, we suggest upgrading/reinstalling the firmware via the bootloader menu. To do that follow the steps provided on this wiki page: Bootloader menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki. Remember, that the device’s settings will return back to the default ones.

When you need to upgrade the firmware for multiple devices we suggest “Phased Update Approach”. Initially upgrade a small set of devices and confirm the update’s success and full functionality before extending the update to the rest of the network. This measured approach ensures stability and minimizes potential disruptions.

Regarding new firewall rules, sometimes when a new firmware is introduced new additional features are added and sometimes those new features require additional firewall rules. Leading to the inclusion of new rules on the device.

As a suggestion you could download the device’s backup configuration and then after the firmware upgrade/reinstallation upload that configuration file to the device. To get the device’s backup configuration file follow these steps:

  • Connect to the WebUI

  • Go to System → Maintenance → Backup → Backup configuration section

  • Press download

WebUI will generate the device configuration backup file. Then after the firmware upgrade/reinstallation, you could upload that file to the device. The steps are similar but this time go to the Restore configuration section and press browse to select the configuration file.

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